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Do you have any old leftover carpet I can have for free?

My first impulse is to invite you to dig through the dumpster, if you feel like it.  On second thought, though, the dumpster is full of bad things like discarded razor blades and cat litter.  So, no.  No free carpet at all.


How much does a brown remnant cost?

Remnants are priced based on their size and quality.  Color really isn't a factor.

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No - this is just Brian's idea of a joke.

Our friendly and informative sales staff is ready to answer all of your questions.

Well, let's see. As of 11:32 am January 7, 2010 we have 474 remnants and their collective price is $76, 254.41.  


If you buy them all, we'll cut you a deal of course.  Anyway, that works out to $160.87.

There are always closeouts or something on sale.

Is it true you take children in on trade?

OK, then, how much does the average remnant cost?

Hmm, I think you meant to call Weivoda Automotive, not Weivoda Carpet. Their phone number is 287-POSI.

How much would you charge to rebuild the rear end of a 1997 Chevy Silverado 4 x 4?


Ugh!  I'm not telling you that there's one particular remnant for $160.87. I'm just saying that's the average price since you asked what the average price is.  Remnants might be as small as 2' x 6' and as big as 13'6" x 23'.

And what size is that $160 remnant?

Even Rudolph Diesel himself would object to that.

Is it ok if I leave my diesel pick-up truck running while it's backed up to the open door of the store.

Your guess is as good as mine.

What happened to the crazy woman who was on your T.V. commercials 30 years ago?